NUKE Relighting Nodes

This was something I always wanted to do because A. relighting is great B. I wanted to try the speed of the NUKE API. Result were three nodes – Diffuse, Specular and a Rim Light node. We need a surface normal, word position and eye buffer. The rim light node is also great to create a  simple NdotEYE by just switching off the diffuse component.


Basic relighting session without additional render passses:


Diffuse and Specular nodes. Diffuse is able to create falloffs based on the light position in worldspace. The specular got phong and blinn calculation.

http_imgload (1).jpg

Two rim light examples. The first one ist standard from the left side and the second one with the fake metal call, which is the result of a coding error I transformed into a feature.


Resulting teapot with 3 diffuse nodes 2 specs and a rim. The Rim node got a fake metal which looks a little bit anisotropic.

psu (1).jpg



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